Diego Maradona still has a fairly high accuracy in target shooting with his feet. The proof, using the ability to kick the ball, he can raise 500 thousand dollars and donate it to a charity event.

Maradona action occurred in Russia, in a famous shopping center in Moscow. Maradona brought in by the organizers to attract attention, as well as money, to be donated to charitable organizations engaged in research on children's cancer.


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Lot of people miss 'Friends' - One of the most viewed sitcom ever apart from Baywatch. Guess even Chandler's Wits couldnt match Pam's ....... what ever .. But off late i have been crazy about this sitcom 'How I met your mother'.After watching 2 seasons of it plus 11 episodes of the 3rd Season .. i feel that there is a definite tint of 'Friends' .. The main characters Ted , Marshall , Barney (or i should say Swarleyyyyy) , Robin and Lily give people the impression of the old set of Friends. The character 'Barney' by Neil Patrick Harris from the old fame Doctor Doggie Howser is .. wait for it ... Absolutely Legendary !!!...


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Want to see Jonny's Deep movies?

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Talking about movie I always watch some good movies. In fact, I saw some of Jonny Deep's movies, one that made me scared a bit was the Ninth Gate, and this new movie sounds like a very interesting one as well. I would want to see it when it comes on. It reminds me of a few movies Jonny Deep's made before. I also like the Pirate of the Caribbeans. He was good, and I am sure in new movie that is coming up he is at his best. My I'm so very excited to watch it but I should prepare myself too from any scary scene I could see...


How To Safely Redesign Your Blog

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With abundant choice of freely available themes for WordPress every blogger gets tempted to test a new look every once in while. I know I get the urge often enough so I decided to discuss the subject of how you can safely test new look and see if the theme you liked will fit your blog vision.

Well, we are in luck!

Apparently this urge infects enough bloggers that someone has came up with great idea - create a plugin that will allow you to test new theme and see how it impacts your blog overall appeal without anyone but you knowing about it!...


Top 10 Blogs For Bloggers in 2007

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Perhaps what the world does not need more of in 2008 are the blogs about blogging.
Despite the ever increasing number of meta-blogs in 2007, there are a bunch of them that visibly stood out. Below are my favorite blogs about blogging that rose, or continued to rise, higher than the competition in 2007 (other than Blogging Bits, of course!).


This David Beckham photo for Emporio Armani’s Men’s underwear line has caused so much stir these past few days. And why not? Just look at this picture and even a straight guy’s attention will be caught. Aside from his sexy pose and body, many people have wondered whether his groin part was digitally enhanced for aesthetics purposes of the ad? Now it’s not fair to accuse David of showing off something that is not real, just because he is married to someone with fake boobs, does not mean he needs to fake his balls too...


Eva Mendes is the latest Hollywood actress to join the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) movement. She recently appeared in one of their ads sans clothing. Her naked pic will undoubtedly raise...um...awareness for the cause. Of course, this isn't the first time Eva has taken off her clothes and had nude pictures or naked pictures appear in a national magazine or online. She seems pretty comfortable with the whole thing.

At any rate, I've got pictures from the PETA campaign as well as other Eva Mendes pictures that might make you wonder if she's doing the PETA thing for the animals or just for herself....